Mookulele – Warrimoo PS Ukulele Group

Mookulele consists of students from Years 3 to 6 who wish to learn to strum the ukulele and attend lessons each week at 8am before school. The program started in 2008 when Mr Tomlins introduced ukulele to his class with funding approved by the principal Mr Banffy. Enough brightly-coloured, economically-priced ukuleles were purchased for a class set.

A small group of enthusiastic students soon began meeting before school to learn songs to perform at assemblies.  Some of the students even purchased their own ukuleles.

In February of 2009 the ‘Blue Mugs’ held the first ‘Blue Mountains Ukulele Festival’ at the ‘Blue Mountains Hotel’ at Lawson and a small group of about 9 Warrimoo PS gained approval to play. In those days the group played under the name of Warrimoo PS.

Warrimoo PS are always one of the first groups to perform and on that first Saturday morning Mr Tomlins was sitting around with the students as they tuned each instrument ready to go onto the small stage. There were a number of ‘older’ ukulele enthusiasts already gathering and they surrounded the table to watch the tuning up and last minute rehearsal as if it was a performance!

Stephanie Fisara led most of the singing with a young Miranda Pecovnik supporting. Miranda became the lead singer the next year when Stephanie left for high school. In the following years ‘Mookulele’ became the groups official title, referring to the Warrimoo PS site being a dairy farm before the school was built. It’s no mistake that the ‘Moo’ part is also the last 3 letters of Warrimoo and the group is introduced by asking the audience, ‘‘Heard’ of Mookulele?’

Besides Stephanie and Miranda there have been a number of talented singers including Sabina Salis who transferred to Warrimoo PS whilst in Year 5. Her performance of Madonna’s ‘Miles Away’ at the festival was memorable.

Mookulele completed it’s 9th consecutive performance at the ‘Blue Mountains Ukulele Festival’ once again with a small group of 8 faithful students including Lucy Andrewartha and Alissa Niland who provided the singing.

To clarify, Warrimoo Public School has been represented proudly at every ‘Blue Mountains Ukulele Festival’ since it’s inception and has showcased a number of talented students. It’s wonderful to think that Mookulele may have played a part in inspiring the future musical aspirations of Warrimoo School students.

R. Tomlins

2017 Mookulele