Ukulele Festival 2014

On the 9th February 2014 some of the students from Warrimoo PS 2013 ukulele group played at the Blue Mountains Ukulele Festival in the Marquee of the Carrington Hotel. Singers Sabina and Caitlin led us through half a dozen songs including 'It's Time', 'Give Me Some Lovin', 'Little Talks', 'American Honey', 'If This Is It',  'Far Away' and 'Living on a Prayer'. The students performed with enthusiasm and confidence and were very well received by the audience. Former students Sabina, Sam and Lydia had started at their respective High Schools but came to join us in this performance and we thank them. For many of the students it was the first time they had played in front of such a big audience. Congratulations to all the students who attended and many thanks to parents and groupies who provided transport and support on the day.

Mr Tomlins