General Information

Warrimoo Public School
16 – 30 Florabella Street

Phone: 4753 6182
Fax: 4753 6898

PRINCIPAL (Relieving):

Mrs Christine Cuzner

Mrs Emma Harris

Mrs Tara Danks

Mrs Joanne Mazenauer
School Hours: 9:00am until 3:00pm.

There is no supervision of the playground before 8:30am.
For your child’s safety and welfare, please ensure that he/she is not on school premises during unsupervised times.

Recess Times: 11:00am until 11:20am.

Lunch Times: 1:10pm until 2:00pm.

Wet Weather: When the weather is wet or inclement, the following will apply:
The bell will ring twice and all children will remain under covered walkways and hall/C.O.L.A.
In the case of extreme weather the children will be supervised in their own classrooms.

Attendance: Parents are required to send a note of explanation to the class teacher when their child is absent or is late arriving at school. It is not necessary to phone the school if your child is absent for a short time. Children arriving late will be deemed to be partially absent in the roll.  Children who arrive late need to report to the office with their parent to receive a Late Arrival Slip. Regular late arrivals are followed up by the Home School Liaison Officer, as are regular absences.

Change of Routine: If there is a change of routine about how your child is going home, or with whom he/she is going, the class teacher MUST be informed in writing, otherwise normal routine will be followed.  Should you need to take your child during school hours please obtain a slip from the Late Arrivals/Early Leavers book in the entry foyer in the Administration Block before collecting your child from the classroom.  The slip is handed to the class teacher when you collect your child.

It is our policy at Warrimoo Public School that all visitors are required to attend the administration office, sign in and obtain a Visitors Badge before proceeding further within the school.        

Travel Eligibility Requirements:

The School Student Transport Scheme (SSTS) can only be used for:
Travel between home and the school campus at which the student is enrolled; and Approved travel, Monday to Friday on school days.

The Scheme does not extend to travel for activities such as:

  • School excursions.
  • Sports events.
  • Work experience.
  • Attendance at Vocational Education and Training (VET) in schools at a location away from the school/campus at which the student is enrolled.
  • Attendance at multi-campus high schools, Saturday schools, pre-schools, mini-schools (except for full-time geographically isolated distance education students).
  • Attendance at before and after school care or child minding premises.

To be eligible for the scheme an applicant must be:

  • A resident of NSW
  • 4 years and 6 months of age or older and enrolled as one of the following:

An infant student (K-2) regardless of the distance between their home and school.
Primary student (Years 3-6) who lives more than 1.6kms (radial distance) from school, or 2.3kms or more by the most direct practical walking route to the nearest entry point to the school.
Secondary student (Years 7-12) who lives more than 2kms (radial distance) from school, or 2.9kms or more by the most direct practical walking route to the nearest entry point to the school.

Application for a free bus pass is made on enrolment and again at the end of Stage One (Year Two).  Application forms are available from the office.  These passes should be CARRIED AND SHOWN TO THE BUS DRIVER on request.  It is advisable to have them securely attached to the outside of their bags.  

If lost, the pass can be replaced at a cost of $10 each (inclusive of GST) and application should be made directly to the Blue Mountains Bus Company. (Phone - 4751 1077)

Parents are asked to stress to their children the importance of good behaviour and the strict regard for safety when travelling by bus.
Parents conveying children more that 1.6km to the nearest bus stop are entitled to private vehicle conveyance subsidy.  This form can be obtained from the school and should be completed on enrolling.

A privately run out of school hours care facility operates within the school grounds. (Further information can be obtained by contacting 0404 637 402)

Community Hub: Warrimoo Public School is part of The Lower Blue Mountains Community Hub, “HUBitat”, that also includes Blaxland and Blaxland East Public Schools. The Community Hub focuses on the well-being of children, families and their community. The school is a place where families and communities hear about and connect with a variety of community services, join in activities, make friends and have fun.

Playgroup: Play and Chat Playgroup operates each Tuesday morning 9:15-11:00am (school terms). This group focuses upon 0-5 year olds, parent and carers who meet regularly.

Library: All children have full access to the school library and are expected to provide a library bag for borrowing books.  All bags should be well labelled with child’s name.

Sport/Events: Each year, students at Warrimoo Public School participate in specific sports carnivals/events. The students are allocated a sporting house, with each four houses being named after Australian Native Flowers. On occasions e.g. Athletics Carnival, students will be asked to dress in the colour of their house. The house names and colours at Warrimoo Public School are - Banksia (green), Jacaranda (blue), Waratah (red) and Wattle (yellow).

Assemblies: Formal assemblies are a regular part of the school program.  The school holds a whole school assembly each fortnight.  The assembly is conducted by the children, and parents are always welcome.

P & C: This Association represents parents from the whole school and all parents are welcome to attend the monthly meeting on the second Tuesday of each month.  It provides an opportunity for parents to assist in making decisions about the school, fund-raising activities and social events.

Fees: As a public school, there are no compulsory fees.  However, funds available to our school from government sources are limited, so a contribution is requested from parents and caregivers to assist in giving each and every child the very best opportunity possible to reach their potential.  Voluntary contributions are set each year by the P&C Association using departmental guidelines.  Contributions may be paid by the term or year.