Cumberland State Forest Excursion

Cumberland State ForestListen, look and learn.


On Wednesday, 2nd August, 2017, Year 4 and Year 3 excitedly waited for the coach to arrive at school so we could begin our long, long drive to the Cumberland State Forest! Everyone was very excited and we even saw another school on their way to an excursion.


When we finally arrived we made a short walk to a little hut, which was our meeting point. There we ate our Crunch ‘n’ Sip, and we met our guides for day, their names were Felicity and Shun Lee.


After Crunch ‘n’ Sip, we split into class groups so Miss Pendlbury had Year 3 and Miss Cooke had our class (4/3C). Our class had Shun Lee as our guide.


 We learnt about different animal traps like the harp trap, which was my personal favourite. Some people even smelt wombat poo, which apparently smelt like grass!


After that, we went on a loop track called ‘The Animal Detective’. We were asked questions about the environment and animals. For example, what do rangers use spotlights to attract? The correct answer is nocturnal animals, but my group got it wrong!


At about 12:00 pm we started to plant our own ‘Fringed Wattle’ or ‘Acacia Fimbriata’ with Shun Lee. It was very fun and exciting.


We then went on a short bushwalk with Felicity. We learnt lots of different names of trees, and my favourite was the Sydney Blue Gum!


Finally, we boarded the coach to go home. I was very tired and it felt like we were on the coach for 5 hours, but it really was one hour.


 All up I had an excellent day and I loved all of it, but my favourite thing to do was the potting. I loved going to the Cumberland State Forest and I would definitely go back again!



By Olivia M