Canteen Co-ordinators: 

Jody (0410 301 263) and Jo (0437 638 913)


Thank You to all our dedicated volunteers keeping the canteen running this term. If you wish to be one of them in Term 2, 3 or 4 please contact Jo or Jody.

Please email if you can spare a few hours a week/month/term.

The school canteen is run by the school P&C.  The canteen is run and staffed by voluntary parent helpers and therefore requires the active assistance of many parents and guardians to keep it operational. Parents are most welcome to assist in the canteen.

The Canteen is open Fridays at lunchtime for orders and over the counter snacks. Healthy Novelty - Children may bring an apple from to the canteen, at recess where we can 'turn' the apple into an "apple slinky". Profit made from the canteen provides resources for the school. Lunch orders are placed in the green bucket outside the admin building (on the way to the Kindergarten classroom). Lunches are distributed to the children at lunchtime.

Keep your eye on the blackboard outside the office for updates on special events or changes.


When placing an order with the canteen please note:

  • Please use lunch order form to pre-order your child's lunch (a hard copy of the form is available from the canteen or office)  OR write order CLEARLY on a paperbag.
  • Form or bag is to be written CLEARLY with NAME, CLASS, ORDER, AMOUNT, MONEY GIVEN, CHANGE REQUIRED. Put money in bag. Please do not wrap money in cling wrap or tape money to the bag.
  • Please attach order form to clean paper bags or to fair trade bags.  Fair trade bags are available from canteen and the uniform shop (Mondays) for $5.00. You can add the item and money to your childs' lunch order. Bags keep the food warmer, keep their money secure and are reusable.

  • Paper bags are available from the canteen for 10c, please add this to your childs order
  • Any change will be taped to your child's lunch bag.
  • Please ensure sufficient money is supplied for your order.  If there are insufficient funds the order will be substituted or a Canteen IOU sent home with your child (payable the following Friday).

ALL NSW Public schools are required to follow these guidelines. Although the guidelines are not mandatory for independent and catholic schools.

Download NSW Government Public Schools Guidelines >>>